Paolo Roversi, born in Ravenna, Italy in 1947, has lived and worked in Paris for over 35 years. His interest in photography materialized in 1964 on a family holiday to Spain. Once home, he and another amateur photographer set up a darkroom and thus Roversi began to make his first black and white prints. In 1972, Roversi moved to Paris at the invitation of Peter Knapp, Elle’s renowned Art Director, and despite working initially as a reporter for the Huppert Agency, soon began to take an interest in fashion photography. In 1974 Roversi became the assistant to British photographer Lawrence Sackmann who, notoriously difficult to work for, usually had assistants for no more than one week. Roversi however lasted nine months and credits Sackmann with teaching him “everything (he) needed to know in order to become a professional photographer”. (Paolo Roversi)